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Bell residents say BASTA! to overpaid city officials

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Bell city officials make two and even three times the amount that officials of other cities do

The Council meeting in the City of Bell overflowed with protestors, Monday, calling for the resignation of three city employees whose salaries have provoked outrage in the working class city of 38,000. The Los Angeles Times revealed last week that City Manager Robert Rizzo makes nearly $800,000—plus annual raises—his assistant manager makes $376,000, and the Chief of Police takes home $457,000, exceeding LAPD Chief Charlie Beck’s pay. How will Bell respond? Will nearby Maywood stop outsourcing its city services to Bell? What efforts are underway by city government and concerned residents? Whether you’re a resident or not, what would you do about high pay for officials in cash-strapped cities?


Denisse Rodarte, lifelong resident of Bell; member of The Bell Association to Stop The Abuse (BASTA); administrator for a non-profit in the medical field

Christina Garcia, resident of Bell Gardens; member of The Bell Association to Stop The Abuse; adjunct Professor of statistics at University of Southern California

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