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KTLA Reporter in Muthanna Province Teaching Journalism to Iraqi Reporters

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An Iraqi female journalist waits for the arrival of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during the inauguration of a newly built Tweirij Bridge across the Euphrates River in the city of Karbala, 110 kms from Baghdad on May 15, 2009. Maliki said that serious action will be taken against any corruption found within the Iraqi government. As the city of Karbala is considered a holy Shiite Muslim city, home to the Shrine of Imam Hussein, women cover up to show their respect. MOHAMMED SAWAF/AFP/Getty Images

After seven years of conflict, how should embedded journalists approach their coverage of Iraq? Dave Malkoff of KTLA is in Southern Iraq now, leading journalism workshops for Iraqi correspondents, as well as filing his own reports. How have the reporters responded? And what limitations do Iraqi media face as they report the news?


Dave Malkoff, Television News Reporter for KTLA-TV in Los Angeles

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