AirTalk for July 28, 2010

Mercer 9190
Arizona’s immigration law is set to go into effect Thursday, unless Judge Susan Bolton blocks it. Bolton is likely to rule on the federal challenges to SB 1070 today. Will she bar the enforcement of certain provisions? How will local police implement whatever remains of the law? And how are protesters on both sides responding? UPDATE 10:18am PT: Judge Bolton granted an injunction against a portion of SB 1070.
Mercer 9191
After seven years of conflict, how should embedded journalists approach their coverage of Iraq? Dave Malkoff of KTLA is in Southern Iraq now, leading journalism workshops for Iraqi correspondents, as well as filing his own reports. How have the reporters responded? And what limitations do Iraqi media face as they report the news?
Mercer 9189

A Time To Betray

It was a deep love for his homeland and its people that led Iranian Reza Kahlili to betray it and become a double agent for the CIA. After attending college at USC, Kahlili returned to Iran where the 1979 revolution had brought the Ayatollah Khomeini to power. Unable to reconcile himself with the strict religious fundamentalism of the new regime, he joined the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and supplied the CIA with vital intelligence on the Iran-Iraq war, the Marine barracks bombing in Beirut, Pan Am Flight 103 and the Iran-Contra affair. His new book, A Time To Betray, is the story of a man willing to risk his life to liberate his homeland.
Mercer 9192
The most controversial parts of Arizona's immigration law, SB 1070, will not go into effect tomorrow. Judge Susan Bolton's injunction does not stop the law as a whole from being implemented. On what grounds did she temporarily strip provisions from the law that would have required police to check the immigration status of people stopped, detained or arrested? Will local law enforcement still be able to check immigration status under ICE's 287(g) program?
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