AirTalk for August 3, 2010

Don’t listen or repost…this is private

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A 'Do not disturb' sign hangs in a guest room at the Pegasus Hotel in Jamaica.

KCRW producer Sarah Spitz got quite a shock when she posted on the list-serv Journolist that she would laugh if Rush Limbaugh died of a heart attack. She expected her comments to remain private but, as with almost anything on the internet, they didn’t. Spitz admits she made a mistake, but it brings up a larger point. Our interconnected world of cell-phone cameras, list-servs, Tweets, and closed-circuit TV comes at a cost: there are fewer and fewer places where one can have a private interaction. Must we always be on guard? When do you feel you have a reasonable expectation of privacy? Is the personal now, de facto, public?


Joseph Turow, Professor at University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School of Communications and expert in online privacy

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