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Is marriage a constitutional right?: decision in Prop 8 case will be handed down today

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A wedding cake featuring two brides and two grooms is on display during a rally celebrating marriage equality Hector Mata/AFP/Getty Images

A federal judge will issue his decision today in the case challenging Prop 8. The ruling will determine whether Prop 8, which banned gay marriage in California, violates the constitutional rights of same sex couples under the 14th amendment’s “equal protection” clause. Supporters of Prop 8 filed a motion yesterday to stay Judge Vaughn Walker’s decision, even before its expected release this afternoon. What has the judge decided? If Prop 8 is overturned, will same sex partners be able to marry immediately in California? And will the case get appealed all the way to the Supreme Court?


Mina Kim, reporter covering Prop 8 for KQED News

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