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Michelle Obama’s vacation: was it excessive?

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US First Lady Michelle Obama (L) waves during a walk at Marbella's city center, southern Spain, on August 4, 2010 Jorge Guerrero/AFP/Getty Images

As the nation’s economy is plagued with high unemployment numbers, First Lady Michelle Obama and her youngest daughter jetted off to Spain for a 5-day stay at a lavish hotel outside Marbella. While President Obama is urging fiscal frugality, right-wing politicians are criticizing his wife’s expensive vacation, saying her trip makes her seem oblivious to the tough economic situation in the United States. Republican Chris Wilson says her opulent European getaway could fuel opinions that the Obamas are “elites, out of touch with struggling American families.” Should Michelle Obama be traveling overseas during the recession, or do you think she is better off spending her money here in the U.S.? Has her trip hurt the presidential family’s image in the eyes of the average American voter?


Peter Nicholas, Staff writer for the Los Angeles Times based in Washington D.C

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