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Value-added analysis and LAUSD teacher performance

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Teacher David Nieder of 'Knowledge is Power Program' (KIPP) Academy takes questions from his class. Chris Hondros/Newsmakers

Last week, the LA Times published a report examining the effectiveness of over 6,000 LAUSD elementary school teachers, but the findings caused many members of United Teachers Los Angeles to call for a revamp of the evaluation system. Some vehemently oppose the inclusion of students' standardized test scores in teacher evaluations. With the accuracy of value-added analysis in question, what are other ways to measure teacher performance in order to ensure all teachers make the grade? If instructors “teach to the test,” should children’s scores be used to evaluate teacher effectiveness? And, do parents, as well as the general public, have a right to know how LAUSD teachers rate?


Jason Felch, LA Times reporter

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