AirTalk for August 26, 2010

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Where do you draw the line for drinking and driving?

A new study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that 1 in 5 drivers have driven their vehicles within 2 hours of drinking alcohol in the last year. The poll focused on people’s self-reporting of their drinking and driving habits and over-sampled teenagers and young adults – the group reported to do the most binge drinking. The CDC reports that 50% of U.S. adults are current regular drinkers – defined as at least 12 drinks in the past year. Americans like to relax with a drink, and alcohol may even have some heath benefits, but alcohol was a factor in 11,773 out of 37,261 U.S. traffic fatalities in 2008. How often do you get behind the wheel after you’ve had a few drinks? When do you decide if you’ve had too much to drink to drive your car?
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One year ago today, the Station Fire broke out near JPL and went on to ravage 160,000 acres, destroy 90 homes and take the lives of two firefighters. Congressman Adam Schiff joins AirTalk guest host David Lazarus to discuss a variety of issues including the Forest Service’s response to the disaster, as well as decreasing home sales, unemployment, immigration, the upcoming mid-term elections and the continuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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These days, health-conscious consumers are extremely careful about everything they put in their bodies – foods made with natural, organically grown ingredients, free of toxic chemicals, help us feel we’re doing the best we can for our health. But what about the products we spray, rub and lather on our bodies? Shampoos, deodorants, lotions and cosmetics, which may contain potentially carcinogenic ingredients, receive very little oversight by the FDA. A new bill introduced in Congress this year aims to give the FDA the power to regulate personal care products. Not surprisingly, the bill has received opposition by the industry, which is pumping separate – less intrusive – legislation. How much do you know about your shampoo? How much do you want to know?
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Danger – Email ahead!

Ever hit SEND…and immediately regret it? The ease of e-communication has unleashed a Pandora’s inbox of potential sins, from careless cc’ing to office over-sharing to completely avoidable misunderstandings. These transgressions can cause more than embarrassment – they can result in career suicide or even bring down a corporation. Author Will Schwalbe joins guest host David Lazarus with real-life examples and horror stories of emails gone awry. He also offers useful strategies for sidestepping the minefields, avoiding the pitfalls and escaping the quagmires of electronic communication.
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