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Paper or …? will California ban plastic bags in grocery and convenience stores?

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The wind blows a plastic bag around the beach near the Manhattan Beach Pier August 21, 2008 in Manhattan Beach, California. David McNew/Getty Images

The state Assembly has already approved a ban on single-use plastic bags, and the Senate is due to vote on a similar measure Monday or Tuesday. Governor Schwarzenegger supports the ban, but the American Chemistry Council has mounted a media campaign to defeat it. The bill the Senate will vote on, AB 1998, would levy a five-cent surcharge per paper bag, and allows plastic bag recycling to continue in supermarkets. Should we ditch the plastic?

Video by Heal the Bay in support of the bag ban:

Ad by American Chemistry Council against the ban:


Dan Jacobson, Legislative Director, Environment California, supports AB 1998

Keith Christman, Managing Director of Plastics Markets, American Chemistry Council and Progressive Bag Affiliates, opposes AB 1998

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