AirTalk for September 17, 2010

No rest for the jobless: California unemployment rose to 12.4% in August

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Demonstrators protest in front of City Hall in favor of jobs they hope will be created by the construction of a Walmart store in Chicago, Illinois.

Numbers released today by California’s Employment Development Department show the unemployment rate increased to 12.4 percent in August. That means there are 2.2 million people without jobs in California, or 81,000 more than last year. Nationwide, the unemployment rate increased to 9.6 percent. Then there are the increasing number of “involuntary part-time” folks—those who want full-time jobs but can’t get them. Is there any end in sight? And if you’re among the unemployed or underemployed, how are you coping?


Christopher Thornberg , Principal, Beacon Economics

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