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Secretary LaHood says distracted driving remains epidemic

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A man writes a text message on his mobile phone whilst driving in traffic. Bruno Vincent/Getty Images

The dangers of distracted driving are irrefutable, but drivers are not changing their behavior. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood yesterday announced that distracted driving-related crashes claimed nearly 5500 lives in 2009. Secretary LaHood calls the current state of texting while driving an epidemic. A recent Orange County Auto Club study found that 2.7% of motorists were observed texting at any time – twice as many as when the statewide law banning texting behind the wheel went into effect in January of 2009. The penalty for texting behind the wheel in California is $20, with no points assessed to the driver’s record. Does the law need to be strengthened in order to change people’s habits? What are your texting habits while driving?


U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood

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