AirTalk for October 1, 2010

Love, sex, and a nose job: Stephen Frears’ new feature 'Tamara Drewe'

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Director Stephen Frears (R) with actor Luke Evans on the set of Tamara Drewe.

Larry Mantle talks with director Stephen Frears about his new film, Tamara Drewe, based on the graphic novel by Posy Simmonds. It is the story of a young woman, once an unattractive child, who returns to the English countryside of her youth as an undeniably beautiful woman, and how that affects the town’s inhabitants.

Tamara Drewe opens October 8.


Steven Frears, Director of Tamara Drewe, Academy Award-nominated director, and director of many films including The Queen, Dangerous Liaisons, The Grifters, High Fidelity and Dirty Pretty Things among others.

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