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LA’s drive to curb food trucks

by AirTalk®

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Food trucks at KPCC's food truck event in the Crawford Family Forum, Tuesday, October 5, 2010. Gina Delvac & Anny Celsi/KPCC

The recent explosion of gourmet food trucks - serving everything from grilled cheese to red-velvet cup cakes - has transformed curbside dining. Obsessed fans track the mobile eateries on Twitter and endure long lines to feast and commune with fellow foodies. But critics say the trucks ignore parking and zoning regulations, steal business from brick and mortar restaurants and draw crowds that leave trash in their wake. LA city officials will meet in mid-October to debate proposals, which could put an end to the thriving food truck scene in the Miracle Mile district and much of the city. But first, Larry invites the players to the table, to dish about how and where LA’s food trucks should operate.


Tom LaBonge, Los Angeles City Councilman; representing the 4th district which includes Griffith Park

Madelyn Alfano, President of the California Restaurant Association Los Angeles; Owner of Maria’s Italian Kitchen

Matt Geller, Chief Executive Officer, SoCal Mobile Food Vendors' Association

Michele Grant, co-owner, Grilled Cheese Food Truck

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