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Jimmy Carter’s White House Diary

by AirTalk®

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Former US president Jimmy Carter holds a press conference in Damascus on October 19, 2010. Louai Beshara/AFP/Getty Images

Only six American presidents have kept personal records of their time in the White House, but during his four year presidency Jimmy Carter made several entries in his private diary every day. The White House Diary by Jimmy Carter is his personally annotated compilation of these entries, a revealing document of the struggles and triumphs of Carter’s life in the White House. President Carter joins Larry Mantle to share this intimate view of his presidency and how the Carter family lived inside the White House over thirty years ago.


Jimmy Carter, our thirty-ninth president and author of White House Diary. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 and has written numerous best sellers including An Hour Before Daylight and Our Endangered Values.

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