AirTalk for October 25, 2010

Mercer 11457

Is California bloated with state workers?

Former Ebay executive Meg Whitman says if she’s voted in as California’s next governor she’ll tighten the budget belt and slash tens of thousands of state jobs. Public employee unions have responded in part by spending millions to support her rival, Jerry Brown. Public employees say they often take the heat for the state’s chronic fiscal woes, despite the fact that California has fewer state workers than most other states. So what are the facts? Does California have too many public employees? If so, then what can and should be done? And how much would this help the state’s budget woes?
Mercer 11427

Jimmy Carter’s White House Diary

Only six American presidents have kept personal records of their time in the White House, but during his four year presidency Jimmy Carter made several entries in his private diary every day. The White House Diary by Jimmy Carter is his personally annotated compilation of these entries, a revealing document of the struggles and triumphs of Carter’s life in the White House. President Carter joins Larry Mantle to share this intimate view of his presidency and how the Carter family lived inside the White House over thirty years ago.
Mercer 11456

Why is support for California’s Prop 19 lagging?

A new L.A. Times/USC poll shows that the majority of California voters oppose Proposition 19 – the state’s ballot measure that would legalize marijuana for recreational use. An interesting break-out statistic found that younger voters support the pot prop, but a majority of older voters are against it. This is interesting given that many in the older generation of voters have used marijuana in the past. So, why aren’t they supporting Prop 19? Larry opens the phones to find out.
Mercer 11426

Kamala Harris - candidate for Attorney General

Kamala Harris is the District Attorney for San Francisco. In November, she could become California’s Attorney General and the first African-American woman to hold the post. President Obama supports the Democratic nominee in her race against Los Angeles County's three-term District Attorney Steve Cooley. But critics say she’s soft on crime and has mismanaged her San Francisco department. What are Harris's stances on the death penalty and the enforcement of environmental law? And will her candidacy withstand Republican attack ads?
Mercer 11460

Green Party underdog for California Governor

In the race for California's next Governor, frontrunners Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman grab most of the spotlight, but there will be other names on the November 2 ballot - including Green Party candidate Laura Wells. Wells proposes creating a California State Bank, focused more on Main Street than Wall Street, revamping Prop 13 and starting the process of getting a new state constitution. What else is on Wells’ platform? How does she hope to overcome her underdog status and win votes in this election?
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