AirTalk for October 28, 2010

Tran & Sanchez battle for Santa Ana Congressional seat

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Scott Nelson/AFP/Getty Images; DHN/Wikimedia (Creative Commons)

Democrat Loretta Sanchez, Republican Van Tran

She’s a Latina congresswoman fighting to hold onto her seat; he’s a Vietnamese conservative backed by the Tea Party serving in the California state assembly. The 47th congressional district race between democratic incumbent Loretta Sanchez and republican challenger Van Tran is heating up. The demographics of the heavily Hispanic district are changing rapidly with a growing 15% of voters identifying as Vietnamese – a fact that Tran hopes to turn to his advantage. With no clear partisan voting record this district could go either way in next week’s election. Who’s the strongest candidate? And what would his or her priorities be, if voters decide in their favor?


Loretta Sanchez, Incumbent Democratic Congresswoman for California's 47th District

Van Tran, Republican Assemblyman from California’s 68th Assembly District running for congressional seat in the 47th District

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