AirTalk for November 23, 2010

Invasive weeds and seeds are destroying Southern California’s flora

Mercer 12216

Mr.Mac2009/Flickr (cc by-nc-nd)

African Fountain Grass, a common non-native invasive species in Southern California.

Around two dozen non native plants have escaped Southern California gardens and are threatening the state’s native plants and animals. Worse, most of these invasive species are for sale at nurseries, meaning people are unintentionally planting more of these predators. How can you protect your garden and what can be done to stem the invasion of invasive plant species into your local nursery?


Ilsa Setziol, environment writer based in Southern California. Ms. Setziol contributes to various public radio programs, including KQED's ClimateWatch, KPCC news, and the Home section of the Los Angeles Times.

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