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Memorable movie mistakes

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One of the most famous bloopers in film history was when LEGO Indiana Jones replaced Harrison Ford for several scenes in "The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." Rob Young/Flickr (by_nc_nd)

It’s one of the great scenes in film history… Leonardo Dicaprio enjoying the view from the bow of the Titanic in full view of the ship’s smiling captain. There’s only one problem: the bow was strictly off-limits to passengers. In two separate scenes in Clint Eastwood’s Hereafter, characters driving to a cooking class in San Francisco find a parking spot right in front of the school. There are scenes in Splash and other movies where car chases in Manhattan magically transport from one monument to another, as if they’re all on the same block. Why do film makers miss such obvious goofs? And what film inaccuracies and inconsistencies do you find most memorable?


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