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Ruben Salazar report cites deputies' mistakes, raises more questions

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Over 40 years ago, LA Times Columnist and KMEX news director, Ruben Salazar was hit in the head by a tear gas canister while sitting in a bar during an anti-Vietnam war protest that had grown violent. A sheriff’s deputy fired the tear gas missile that killed Salazar but a new report on the incident found that though deputies made “tactical mistakes” that led to the journalist’s death, Salazar was not intentionally targeted. Since his death, Ruben Salazar has become a symbol of struggle and persecution for Mexican-Americans protesting law enforcement's treatment of Latinos. He’s had parks and schools named after him, and was honored by the US Postal Service with his own stamp. Salazar’s daughter, Stephanie Salazar Cook is calling for the Sheriff’s department to release all records related to the circumstances of her father’s death. She said Sunday that the new report "asks more questions than it answers."


Robert Lopez, Staff writer for the Los Angeles Times

Franks Stoltze, KPCC Reporter attending press conference on the Salazar report