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Are Governor Jerry Brown’s new pension reforms a budget game-changer?

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Governor Jerry Brown reveals his twelve-point pension reform plan. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

California budget talks have broken down and sparked a war of words between Governor Jerry Brown and republican lawmakers. Senate GOP leader, Bob Dutton of Rancho Cucamonga, claims Brown aids yelled at him during negotiations, prompting Brown’s spokesman to call Dutton “erratic” and irrelevant.” In this contentious climate Jerry Brown decided to release a new list of pension reforms, an issue that was a republican sticking point during budget talks. Republican lawmakers had been saying they wouldn’t consider Governor Brown’s proposal to put tax extensions before voters, unless he agreed to considerable pension reforms…but now the Governor has his own and he’s hitting the road to sell them to Californians. We’ll take a look at the governor’s pension proposals and compare and contrast them with what Republicans wanted.


Bob Stern, President of The Center For Governmental Studies

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