AirTalk for April 1, 2011

Mercer 16597

When sports fans go too far

The Los Angeles Dodgers beat the San Francisco Giants 2-1 at yesterday’s season opener and it was obviously cause for fans to celebrate. But when a Giants fan was assaulted in the parking lot following the game, the victory was marred by the violence of the attack. Today the man is hospitalized in critical condition and questions about the conduct of Dodgers fans linger. What can be done when the competitive atmosphere of team sports crosses the line between avid fandom and physical attacks on fans of the opposing team? Under what circumstances does revelry turn to violence? What can be done to control the behavior of fans, many of whom are inebriated?
Mercer 16592
California budget talks have broken down and sparked a war of words between Governor Jerry Brown and republican lawmakers. Senate GOP leader, Bob Dutton of Rancho Cucamonga, claims Brown aids yelled at him during negotiations, prompting Brown’s spokesman to call Dutton “erratic” and irrelevant.” In this contentious climate Jerry Brown decided to release a new list of pension reforms, an issue that was a republican sticking point during budget talks. Republican lawmakers had been saying they wouldn’t consider Governor Brown’s proposal to put tax extensions before voters, unless he agreed to considerable pension reforms…but now the Governor has his own and he’s hitting the road to sell them to Californians. We’ll take a look at the governor’s pension proposals and compare and contrast them with what Republicans wanted.
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KPCC film critics Andy Klein and Claudia Puig join Larry to review the week’s new film releases including Source Code, Hop, Insidious, Trust, Queen to Play and more. TGI-FilmWeek!
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Los Angeles film noir festival kicks off

The 13th annual festival comes to Hollywood’s Egyptian Theatre today (FRI), April 1, with three weeks of films about the dark underbelly of our lives. Off-Ramp’s John Rabe talks with one of the curators, Alan Rode, of the Film Noir Foundation.
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Quest for Fire turns 30

Ron Perlman and Nameer El-Kadi tell Off-Ramp’s John Rabe about their first movie: 1981's "Quest for Fire," a landmark film about human life on Earth 80,000 years ago. Jean-Jacques Annaud's "Quest for Fire" is an actor's film. Ron Perlman and Nameer El-Kadi say their first movie was also the hardest movie shoot they've ever been on. The locations - Kenya, Scotland, Canada - were brutal, makeup consumed hours every day, filming took a year, and acting without dialogue took everything they had. But in this exclusive Off-Ramp interview, Perlman and El-Kadi say Quest for Fire, now thirty years old, was also one of the most rewarding films they've made ... and it's the one their colleagues always ask about.
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