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Budget impasse comes down to one sticking point – funding for Planned Parenthood

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Planned Parenthood supporters participate in a rally on Capitol Hill on April 7, 2011 in Washington, DC. Anti-abortion activists also held a rally opposing federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Mark Wilson/Getty Images

On the surface, the budget battle in D.C. is about spending cuts. But the single remaining sticking point, which might ultimately lead to a government shutdown at midnight tonight, is the policy on funding for Planned Parenthood. The total federal budget is $3,820,000,000,000. The funding for Planned Parenthood amounts to a mere $75 million. In other words, Dems and Republicans are arguing about a fraction of one percent of the overall budget. The funds in question can not, by law, be used for abortions, but many people say abortion is the real issue here. This leads us to wonder if it’s ever possible to have a reasonable discussion about abortion, or if this is one issue people simply can’t agree to disagree about. Why is the GOP targeting Planned Parenthood? Have the culture wars eclipsed the budget debate? Are Americans as divided on the issue of abortion as the activists and politicos would have us believe?


John Avlon, Senior Political Columnist for Newsweek and The Daily Beast; co-founder of No Labels, a group aimed at curbing political partisanship

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