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NERD ALERT: big games conference, E3 starts this week!

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A Star Wars storm trooper character takes a break during the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo. David McNew/Getty Images

Every year Los Angeles plays host to the largest video game conference in the world, The Electronic Entertainment Expo. This year all the major players in console gaming have big debuts. Sony is releasing the Next Generation Portable, the latest iteration of its popular portable gaming console. It better be good because Sony has a lot to make up for this year. For the last few weeks they’ve been besieged by hackers who have compromised thousands of online gaming accounts. Microsoft made waves last year with the Kinect, a movement based console platform. This year they’re set to announce Halo 4, the much anticipated sequel to the Halo series. But by most accounts all eyes are on Nintendo. They’ll be exhibiting their follow up to the game-changing Wii console. So, what will generate the most buzz? Will we see a revolutionary new product? And, considering the success of games like Angry Birds, why is Apple opting out of E3 altogether?


Ben Fritz, entertainment business reporter at the Los Angeles Times whose E3 coverage can be found at

Dmitri Williams, Associate Professor at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at USC; CEO of an analytics company called Ninja Metrics that will be active at E3

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