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Where's Whitey Bulger? We got him!

FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitive poster for James
FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitive poster for James "Whitey" Bulger.
FBI/Getty Images

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A man whose name stood on the FBI’s most wanted list next to Osama bin Laden for years was captured right here in the southland. Former Boston mob boss “Whitey” Bulger, 81, and his long-time girlfriend were picked up near their apartment in Santa Monica on Wednesday. Bulger had been on the run since 1995. He has been indicted in connection with 19 killings and was also wanted for extortion, racketeering and drug dealing. Bulger’s life is said to have been the inspiration for Martin Scorcese’s movie The Departed. The Bulger family saga is even more interesting because “Whitey’s” brother, William, was a state senator and a former president of the University of Massachusetts. William insisted he knew nothing about is brother’s whereabouts but had to resign from his position as university president in 2003 because of “Whitey’s” reputation. The arrest came just days after the FBI started running ads on day-time TV shows including Ellen and The View focusing on Bulger’s partner, a dental hygienist.


Bill Bratton, Chairman of Kroll, the Nation’s Largest Wholesaler of Law Enforcement, Tactical, Fire and EMS products and the former Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department and former Police commissioner for the Boston Police Department

Michael Patrick McDonald, Lived in South Boston through the Whitey reign of terror, Author of All Souls: A Family Story from Southie