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Bomb blasts tear through government headquarters in Oslo, Norway

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People survey the damage near a burning government building in Olso, Norway on July 22, 2011. Thomas Winje/AFP/Getty Images

A bomb blast in Oslo, Norway has killed two people and left fifteen injured. Norwegian Police attribute the explosion to “one or more” bombs, and do not know who made, planted or detonated the bomb. Some people affected by the incident are still stuck in their buildings. Reports indicate that a man dressed as a police officer entered a Labor Party youth camp near the explosion and started shooting. Allegations are being leveled towards al-Qaeda, as three Muslim immigrants in Norway with al-Queda ties were arrested for plotting a terrorist attack last Thursday. It is unclear why al-Queda would take issue with Norway, an essentially completely innocuous country on the global scale. Theories for the hypothetical aggression include: Norway’s role in the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, a Norwegian paper’s reprinting of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad and the country’s labeling of an Iraqi Kurdish Islamist guerilla leader as a national threat. Are these incidents all connected? Is al-Queda behind this, or is that mere speculation? When will the violence be contained?


Elisa Mala, New York Times contributor in Oslo, Norway

Fredrik Drevon, photojournalist in Oslo, Norway

Journalist Fredrik Drevon's photographs of the Oslo bombing:

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