AirTalk for August 16, 2011

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Republicans and Latinos challenge the new redistricting at the ballot box

One day after a citizens’ commission released California’s new redistricting maps, two groups say they’re ready to knock out one of those maps. The critics claim plenty of reasons to feel upset.
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Three-quarters of 18 to 29-year-olds responding to a recent poll said they will delay a major purchase or life decision because of the bad economy. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment is 9.1% for all U.S. workers but for 16 to 19-year-olds, it was 25% in July and for people 20 to 24, it was 14.6%. More young people are moving back in with their parents, slowing household formation and contributing to a lowered demand for homes. Some experts say the recession is taking a greater toll on young people and will influence their prospects and their attitudes about the future for decades to come. Paul Conway, president of the nonprofit Generation Opportunity, says that the economic slowdown has interrupted the lives of many young Americans who have had to put their dreams on hold. As a young adult, do you feel hamstrung by the recession? How does the depressing economic outlook affect your attitude about the future?
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When Governor Rick Perry stepped onto the national stage Saturday as a presidential contender, so too did the state of the state of Texas. At first glance, the Texas economy looks to be a lone star compared to the rest of the country. Job numbers show Texas cities have excelled at creating jobs and sustaining them. The Milken Institute's "Best-Performing Cities" index has 11 Texas cities ranked in the top 25. And it's more than job growth the state boasts. Its debt is relatively low. Home prices are stable. The economy is growing -- especially in the energy sector and, needless to say, high oil prices equal big money for black-gold country. Is that only half the story though? Many Texans lack health insurance. The state also ranks highest for minimum-wage jobs per capita. And some economists argue any successes are just a matter of luck and population growth. What is really going on in the Texas economy? Is there a job boom? How has public policy influenced any growth? What role have taxes and regulation played?
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Raising a child with an uncooperative ex

For the past three decades, the divorce rate in U.S. has hovered around 50% so it’s safe to say that millions of American children have been affected by divorce. Raising a child in the aftermath of divorce can be extremely difficult but doing it with a former spouse who is unyielding and difficult poses particular challenges. In their book “Joint Custody with a Jerk” authors Julie Ross and Judy Corcoran examine practical solutions to problems inherent in raising a child with an uncooperative former spouse. Drawing on real life case studies, Ross and Corcoran suggest a variety of ways to mitigate the negative effects of infighting on the children of divorced parents. They propose tools and techniques specifically designed for cooperation rather than confrontation, such as choosing the right words, better timing, and less aggressive body language. Is your ex a jerk and how have you handled him or her? Is it possible to transform a toxic divorce into a harmonious one? How do you turn the blame and insults into positive productive communication?
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