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The Jobs of the Future

by AirTalk®

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AirTalk host Larry Mantle with panelists (left to right) Chris Tilly, Marcy Drummond, Austin Beutner and Chris Thornberg. Jon Cohn/KPCC

With the US jobless rate near 10 percent, how are we going to get Americans working again? And where will the jobs of the future come from? Larry Mantle and a panel of experts will attack the thorniest challenge facing our economy today…unemployment. Is there any good news of the job creation front?


Chris Tilly, Director of the UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, also an economist and a professor of urban planning

Marcy Drummond, vice president of Workforce and Economic Development at LA Trade Tech, responsible for all green training at the school

Austin Beutner, former deputy mayor and current candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles in the 2012 election

Chris Thornberg, Principal, Beacon Economics

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