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Michael Moore gets personal with a new memoir

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Filmmaker Michael Moore speaks to a crowd during a large march and rally at the Wisconsin State Capitol on March 5, 2011 in Madison, Wisconsin. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Writer and documentarian Michael Moore has always told stories from his point of view, but in his newest book he puts politics aside (sort of) and gets personal. In “Here Comes Trouble” Moore presents a series of autobiographical moments that shaped his life and informed his world view. He writes about being elected to the school board in Michigan at 18, the youngest person ever to hold elected office, and about leaving home to join the seminary at 14 in an attempt to become the world’s first “superhero priest.” He also describes his least favorite run-ins with conservative members of the media, and shares a heart wrenching story about a close friend’s botched abortion in 1971. We’ll find out why Moore felt like this was the right time for a memoir and what this book means to him. We’ll also get an update on what’s next for Michael Moore. Is there a new muck-raking doc in the works?


Michael Moore, documentary filmmaker and author of Here Comes Trouble: Stories From My Life (Grand Central Publishing, 2011)

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