AirTalk for September 26, 2011

Florida Holds GOP Presidential Straw Poll
The Republican presidential lineup got a bit more muddled over the weekend. Businessman Herman Cain won the Florida straw poll by a landslide -- 37% to Texas Governor Rick Perry's 15% and Mitt Romney's 14%. But does that result say more about Cain or the supposed front-runners?
UBS Employee Kweku Adoboli Facing Rogue Trading Charges
Last week, British authorities charged 31-year-old Kweku Adoboli with a crime of almost unimaginable scope.
An empty classroom

Researchers slam single-sex classrooms

A new article in the journal Science argues there is no proof that separating boys and girls in the classroom is more conducive to learning. Moreover, the researchers say single-sex instruction hurts more than it helps. Evidence shows the practice increases gender stereotyping and legitimizes institutionalized sexism.

From war orphan to Hollywood icon

He was born on a French battlefield during World War I. His immigration to Hollywood led to principal roles in nearly two dozen blockbuster silent films. He founded an entertainment dynasty, and his descendants went on to star in talkies, radio shows and one of the most popular television adventure series of the Baby Boom era. It may sound surprising, but this Hollywood legend turns out to be one of America's favorite dogs: Rin Tin Tin.
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