AirTalk for September 28, 2011

Mercer 7252
There are fevered rumors that Los Angeles County Probation Chief Donald Blevins is on his way out. WitnessLA was first to report yesterday that “multiple sources inside and close to the LA County Board of Supervisors’ offices” say Blevins was dismissed last week.
In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

'In Cold Blood' under fire in Glendale

Truman Capote’s brutal, moody, intense “In Cold Blood” is a seminal work in the nonfiction novel genre. It details the murders of the Clutter family at the hands of two petty criminals, Dick Hickock and Perry Smith, and the two men’s subsequent execution. It appears on college and high-school reading lists all across the U.S, but it might just be off the table at Glendale High School.
Coal Plants

Greenpeace takes on Edison’s use of coal plants

Greenpeace has been around for forty years now. We tend to think of it as an organization that partners with other environmental groups and lobbies the United Nations to bring about policy change. But there's been a shift in their strategy of late.
Opening Statements Scheduled for Dr. Conrad Murray trial

Conrad Murray’s team outlines defense strategy

With MJ fans clamoring outside the courthouse and cameras rolling in the courtroom, the trial against Dr. Conrad Murray is officially underway.
Prohibition peephole.

The wets vs the drys – America’s Prohibition experiment

In the modern era of liquor on billboards and beer commercials dominating the Super Bowl, it may seem strange that at the turn of the last century alcohol was outlawed completely in the United States.
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