AirTalk for October 5, 2011

Game off? NBA, players at a standoff over six-point spread

Three months ingot the NBA lockout and after nearly a week of “exhausting” negotiations, the league and its players are still far from reaching an agreement. NBA officials are offering 47 percent of the NBA’s $4 billion annual revenue; players want 53 percent.

Could changes to voting laws impact the 2012 elections?

A number of states have made recent changes to their voting laws, tweaks which could serve to complicate the voting process for many Americans. Seven states have enacted a photo ID requirement to vote, five have passed restrictions on early and absentee voting and three now require proof of citizenship.
Herman Cain Meets With Donald Trump In New York

Are you on the Herman Cain train?

In our continuing series of profiles on the candidates for the Republican presidential nomination, we take a closer look at Herman Cain. He used to be the candidate with the worst name recognition, but now he’s flying high after a big win in the Florida straw poll and a corresponding surge in poll numbers.

Biking in LA: Style, safety and survival on two wheels

Whether it’s about skyrocketing gas prices or expanding waistlines, many Angelenos have found good reason to consider making their daily commute by bicycle. But if you’re new to the two-wheeled movement, you may have questions.
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