AirTalk for October 20, 2011

Tunisians and Libyans living in Tunisia

Self-declared 'King of Kings' Moammar Gadhafi killed

Libyan leader Col. Moammar Gadhafi was killed today as his hometown of Sirte fell to opposition forces. The city was the last bastion of resistance held by the 69-year-old autocrat who ruled for more than four decades.
Mercer 5527

Orange County journalists’ roundtable

Larry and our talented trio of Orange County journalists riff on the latest news from the O.C. including the latest on the aftermath of the Seal Beach shooting, the investigation of the Fullerton police department following the beating death of Kelly Thomas, the battle over Laura’s Law – a California statute aimed at providing treatment for severely mentally ill adults, the impact of prison realignment – possible bankruptcy for the city of Santa Ana, #OccupyOC and more.
Chicano Art

AirTalk’s Chicano ArtTalk & 'Pacific Standard Time' exhibit

This month, as part of the ambitious celebration of SoCal art that is "Pacific Standard Time," KPCC and AirTalk divined our inner curator. On Wednesday, KPCC’s Larry Mantle hosted a one-night Chicano art exhibit with the artists themselves and their works in the Crawford Family Forum.
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