AirTalk for October 31, 2011

Republican presidential contender Herman
Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain's on the defensive today. The former Godfather's Pizza CEO this morning flat out denied those sexual harassment allegations that POLITICO reported over the weekend.
Mercer 8456

Move over, Marlowe – Spouse Spy’s on the case

Tailing a philandering mate used to be so messy, complicated – and expensive. Private detectives aren’t cheap, after all, and someone always seems to end up dead – at least in the movies. But nowadays, suspicious spouses don’t need to call on Philip Marlowe. You can shadow your significant other just by installing Spouse Spy, or one of many similar apps, onto his or her cell phone.

Failure of CLASS act leaves long-term care needs unresolved

Long-term care is one of the major health expenses for which nearly all Americans are uninsured. Most people assume that only seniors need to be prepared for long-term care needs. But a debilitating car accident or sudden stroke can happen to anyone regardless of age. The cost of a part-time home health aide can average $450 a week and nursing homes can exceed $200 a day. Medicare doesn’t cover it and only 3 percent of Americans have private polices that do.

Disco is dead, but Nile Rodgers lives

Whether you're glad the disco ball has stopped spinning or lamenting the decreased number of roller rinks, you can definitely hear disco's influence on modern pop.
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