AirTalk for November 1, 2011

A picture taken on August 11, 2011 show
To all those Californians waiting to jump on board the proposed San Francisco-to-Anaheim bullet train: get ready to wait even longer. The California High-Speed Rail Authority revealed in its most recent business plan that construction for the project will cost approximately $98.5 billion, more than double the last estimate, which was $43 billion. The timeline of the project has been expanded as well, and the original goal of 2020 is now being replaced with that of 2033.
Parma FC Press Conference

Paid to Facebook? More like paid to surf porn

How savvy the workplace that blocks Facebook access for its worker bees. They must know the out-of-sight stats that show 800 billion minutes are spent on Facebook every month – a chunk of which is done at work. But a more surprising stat from the “Biz 3.0” blog focuses on porn use at work. Its "Wasted Time in the Workplace" infographic says 70% of all Internet porn traffic happens during the nine-to-five work day.

Could Americans Elect create a third-party wild card?

While Barack Obama still doesn’t know who he’ll be squaring off against from the GOP, he might need to consider the possibility of campaigning against a viable third-party candidate as well. At least, that’s what the organization Americans Elect would like to see come 2012.
He was arguably the most hated man of the twentieth century – but even the Führer had someone to love him. And while his public persona demanded that his only bride be Germany, there was a woman behind the scenes, one whose life was intimately entwined with his, personally and politically. Eva Braun was the mistress, and in their final days, the wife of Adolf Hitler.
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