AirTalk for November 8, 2011

Lawyer Gloria Allred speaks with Sharon

Herman Cain’s new balancing act

As the self-proclaimed "non-traditional candidate," Herman Cain is now being forced into the role of politician whether he likes it not. The accusations swirling around his campaign of sexual harassment have now been attached to at least one name and face, and he must deal with the pressure and scrutiny which the press reserves for presidential candidates.
Budget Minister Francois Baroin Presents Customs Results for Year 2009

Just say no ... to graphic cigarette packages

On Monday, U.S. District Judge Richard Leon blocked a federal requirement that would have forced tobacco companies to put graphic images on their cigarette packages starting Sept. 22, 2012.

How young is too young for a lifetime in prison?

In 2003, 14-year-old Evan James Miller and a friend were drinking forties with a much older neighbor at their trailer park in rural Alabama when a fight broke out. Miller was later convicted of beating the neighbor until he was immobile and setting his trailer on fire to cover up the beating. The neighbor eventually died of smoke inhalation.
Mercer 20118

Italian Prime Minister offers resignation

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi offered to resign on Tuesday, agreeing to step down on the condition that Parliament passes an austerity package, before the country goes to early elections, government sources said. The move comes in the face of an escalating debt crisis that has stagnated Greece, threatens Italy and could detrimentally affect the rest of Europe.

The inner world of Spalding Gray

An intimate theater – the Performing Garage in New York. As the audience waits, quietly talking, a slight, grey-haired man in a plaid shirt and jeans emerges from the shadows. He walks to the stage, sits down at a worn wooden table in front of a microphone and opens a notebook decorated with farm animals. He takes a sip of water and begins to read.
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