AirTalk for November 21, 2011

The Deficit Reduction Supercommittee Holds Meeting For Opening Statements

Supercommittee not so super

Wednesday marks the deadline for the supercommittee to slash 1.2 trillion dollars from the deficit over the next decade.
Mercer 18861

Dueling tax proposals for the 2012 ballot

They’re calling themselves the Think Long Committee, and they want to revamp California’s tax system.

Occupy vs. Tea Party: media scorecard

As the Occupy Wall Street movement continues into its third month, many are asking whether public demonstrations will influence politicians and change public policies. Like the Tea Party, OWS is a grassroots movement that rails against large institutions—banks and financiers, instead of government and taxation.

How to get USPS out of the red?

The Postmaster General delivered more dire news last week. In the last fiscal year, the U.S. Postal Service suffered losses of $5.1 billion. Despite cutting 130,000 jobs in recent years and closing local post offices, annual income fell $1.4 billion to $65.7.

Can outsider physicists explain the nature of everything?

“Big bang,” relativity, quantum physics – scientists and scholars have been trying since the beginning of time to explain away the universe. But do you need an advanced science degree to uncover its secrets? Just as there are “outsider artists,” those with no formal training whose work has surprised its way into galleries and collections, there is also a world of passionate, dedicated “outsider scientists.”
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