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The numbers are out, the cuts have been triggered, now come the lawsuits

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California Gov. Jerry Brown points to a chart that shows dollar amounts in the millions that were cut from the State's budget following a bill signing on March 24, 2011 in Sacramento, California. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

We heard yesterday that the governor’s budget projections did not materialize, triggering a hefty round of cuts from education and social services. In a press conference, Governor Jerry Brown said the $1 billion in cuts could have been a lot worse, and even though slashing important budgets isn’t the ideal way to run the state of California but we all have to live within our means.

As of January 1st of next year the state school system budget will be $330 million dollars lighter, while the UC and CSU systems will both receive $100 million dollars less. In-home care workers are also facing $100 million in cuts, and so are services for the developmentally disabled.

The Los Angeles school district isn’t taking the cuts lying down. Superintendent John Deasy said the district will be “irreparably harm[ed]” by major cuts to the school transportation system and the board will file a lawsuit this afternoon to stop the state from taking the funds. Other schools may do the same and groups that represent in-home care workers filed a preemptive suit blocking budget cuts that a federal judge has temporarily upheld.


What impact will these have on you? How will they affect California’s most vulnerable residents?


Nancy Berlin, Director of California Partnership, a non-profit organization that advocates for policies and program that provide services, including healthcare, for the poor. She can talk about all the trigger cuts to social services and healthcare.

Howard Blume, Education Reporter, Los Angeles Times

Erik Fallis, Media Relations Manager, California State University

Patrick Lenz, Vice President of Budgets, University of California

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