AirTalk for December 14, 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown Signs California Budget Cut Legislation
We heard yesterday that the governor’s budget projections did not materialize, triggering a hefty round of cuts from education and social services. In a press conference, Governor Jerry Brown said the $1 billion in cuts could have been a lot worse, and even though slashing important budgets isn’t the ideal way to run the state of California but we all have to live within our means.
Nativity Scene

Nativity displays in Santa Monica cause quite a scene

For nearly 60 years, a group of Santa Monica churches have come together to create several nativities illustrating different scenes from the birth of Jesus Christ. The displays are erected along a stretch of Ocean Avenue, and for all of the previous years there was little to no competition for the 21 available spaces.
U.S. Forces Withdraw From Iraq Into Kuwait, After 8-Year Presence

Shifting sands in Iraq

President Obama is in Fort Bragg, North Carolina today heralding the end of the Iraq War. The deadline to pull out the last several thousand troops comes New Year's Eve. While it's too soon to tie a bow on the intervention, the milestone has Iraqis and Americans looking back at what was lost and gained through Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Nurturing your child’s developing brain

As a parent, you may be expert at taking care of your child’s body. You know what to do in case of fever, which foods are the healthiest and how to treat a skinned knee. But do you know how to care for your child’s brain?
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