AirTalk for December 15, 2011

Senate Lawmakers Speaks To The Press After Their Policy Meetings

Who do you trust – big government or big business?

A new Gallup poll shows that the number of Americans who feel big government is the biggest threat to the country's future dwarfs those who fear big business. When asked to choose between big government, big business or big labor, 64 percent say they are wary of the federal government – which is just short of a record high, while just 26 percent name big business – oil, banking and other corporations. That could be read as Tea Party thinking vs. Occupy Wall Street. So what does this mean for the American sentiment?
Mercer 5527

Orange County journalists' roundtable

Desalination could turn the waves at Huntington Beach into millions of gallons of fresh water, but environmentalists have objections ... an Anaheim councilwoman tries to pull city strings for her own company, prompting cries for an ethics committee ... Orange County's controversial executive pay raises are questioned by the Board of Supervisors ... and why is the O.C. Transit Authority putting the brakes on high-speed rail proposals? Larry and our talented trio of Orange County journalists dig into these stories and other latest news from behind the orange curtain.
The Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved an ordinance Tuesday that aims to limit commercial vending on the Venice Beach boardwalk. The popular tourist destination attracts about 16-million visitors annually. But battles between residents and street vendors have been brewing for years. Now, city officials say there's been an uptick in crime, caused in part by vendors fighting over boardwalk spaces.
Domestic violence

Survey: 1 in 4 women violently attacked by partner

Experts are astounded by a new large-scale survey on domestic violence and rape. It found 24 percent of women and 14 percent of men have experienced physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime.
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