AirTalk for December 19, 2011

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Is there any hope for change in North Korea?

He was 69. State media, in a "special broadcast" Monday from the North Korean capital, said Kim Jong Il died on a train due to a "great mental and physical strain" during a "high-intensity field inspection" on Saturday. His death sparked hysteria in a place where he fostered an intense adoration in the people he led.
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Fewer Americans with a ring on it

Married couples in the U.S. are at a record low, according to a new survey from the Pew Research Center. The 2010 statistics say just 51 percent of adults are married, compared to 1960 when 72 percent of all adults were hitched. Young Americans in particular have heard a quiet hush of wedding bells. The median age of those walking down the aisle for the first time has never been higher: brides at age 26.5 and grooms at 28.7.
House Debates Payroll Tax Extension Plan

From deal to debacle? The Payroll Tax cut

Congress is in disarray this morning over a deal to extend the payroll tax cut. House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) said Republican representatives will not pass the Senate's version of the bill that would have extended the cuts for two months.

You shouldn’t have, really (worst gifts ever)

The holidays mean different things to different people. To some, it’s a deeply spiritual time. For others, it’s all about getting together with friends and family. To most of us, fair or not, the holidays also mean – PRESENTS!
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