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Paycheck reveal – comparing CEO salary to the average worker

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Former Sesame Workshop President and current National Public Radio President and CEO Gary Knell. Should companies be forced to disclose the ratio of executive to worker pay? NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

This month is the deadline for a new rule to be crafted that would force companies to disclose what the big boss earns compared to worker bees. The regulation is part of the Dodd-Frank bill of yesteryear and is being finalized by the Securities and Exchange Commission right now.

One major hitch could be that some lawmakers want to repeal this particular rule. They say gathering all the data would be too burdensome for companies. Executive pay disclosure alone is not new. Public companies are required to make that information public already. What's new is the median salary of the typical worker. It's estimated many CEOs make 110 times more than their worker Janes and Joes, maybe even 325 times more.


Do you want to know the ratio at your company? How would it affect morale? Against the grain on this issue, Whole Foods grocery store stands out for capping executive compensation ratio at 19 to 1. Should that be a trend across Corporate America? What could be the unintended consequences of this regulation?


Heidi Moore, Wall Street correspondent and New York bureau chief, Marketplace, American Public Media

Kristine Meyer, Senior Associate, ClearBridge Compensation Group, a New York based company that works with boards of directors and senior management to help them structure executive compensation

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