AirTalk for December 21, 2011

House Speaker Boehner And GOP Leaders Discuss Payroll Cut Extension

Congressional impasse on the payroll tax cut extension

The deadlock that continues to hurt an already badly-battered Congress remains. The House Republicans’ decision to reject a bipartisan deal to extend a payroll tax cut has left the party divided and politically bolstered the Democrats. Regardless, if the payroll tax cut expires, the risk to both parties is arguably equal.
Denver Broncos 2011 Headshots

Why do Americans wear religion on their sleeves?

This past weekend, “Saturday Night Live” aired a sketch referencing the Denver Broncos’ win over the Chicago Bears in overtime on December 11. Denver’s quarterback, Tim Tebow, led his team to a miraculous victory, which he credited to God.
Mercer 18426

Tinseltown vs. Silicon Valley over policing cyberspace

California's heavy-hitter industries are duking it out over a controversial bill in Congress.

Fixing online reputations, is it doable?

The last time you applied for a job, you probably made sure that your Facebook profile was viewable only to your friends. You most likely “detagged” any unflattering pictures of you doing anything that could be seen as wild, such as drinking or even just being at a bar. You probably aren’t even a party animal or a raging alcoholic, but you still feel the need to protect your online image as much as possible.
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