AirTalk for December 22, 2011

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Following Wednesday’s blistering ProPublica investigation claiming California Democrats manipulated the California Citizens Redistricting Commission to protect Democratic incumbents, both Republicans and Democrats are lashing out.
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School lunches get a makeover, students unimpressed

In August the Los Angeles School District did something drastic. They rolled out an entirely new school lunch menu. They stopped serving sugary drinks and high-fat, high-sodium foods like chicken nuggets and corn dogs in favor of healthier alternatives.
Mother with her newborn baby

Myths and realities about the biological clock

In a recent poll sponsored by EMD Serono, a bio-pharmaceutical company, data shows that women drastically underestimate how strong the connection is between declining fertility and age. For instance, women surveyed believed 30-year-olds had an 80 percent chance of getting pregnant in one try. In reality, it’s 30 percent. And for 40-year-olds it’s less than 10 percent, although it is perceived to be 40 percent.
Before a recipe for turducken, bacon-maple biscuits or magical honey cakes can grace the pages of the Los Angeles Times it gets tested, tasted, tweaked and re-tested in their spacious test kitchen.
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