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Should the city of Los Angeles sue Occupy LA?

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Debris and belongings of Occupy Los Angeles remain in the empty encampment at City Hall following the Los Angeles Police Department raid on November 30, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is considering filing a civil lawsuit against the protesters for 2.3 million dollars in financial damages. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

According to a spokesperson from the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office, the city is being sued by Occupy L.A. protestors. The city of Los Angeles may now counter-sue the group for damages caused during their two-month stay on City Hall grounds, including graffiti and needed repairs to the fountain, and for overtime pay for the Los Angeles Police Department.

The cost of to the city runs over $1.7 million, adds to the growing pool of red ink in the municipal budget and increases an anticipated $72 million shortfall over the next six months, according to City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana.


Occupy L.A. is accusing the city of making the movement a scapegoat and says the intense police response, including November 30’s sweeping eviction and arrest of 300 protestors, was unnecessary. Did the city go too far in clearing the encampment? Are Occupiers within their right to sue? Who should be on the hook for the cleanup?


Dennis Zine, City Councilman from District 3

Carol Sobel, Executive Vice President, National Lawyers Guild

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