AirTalk for December 30, 2011

122nd Annual Tournament Of Roses Parade Presented By Honda

99 percent to join the Rose Parade

If you’ve ever attended the Rose Parade in person, you’ve seen what happens once the last float floats by and the television cameras are turned off. In a time-honored tradition the public takes to the streets, following the parade route on foot, bicycle, scooter or skateboard.
Santorum Rises In Polls As He Continues Iowa Campaign

Rick Santorum presidential profile

You know he has a Google problem, but what else do you know about Rick Santorum? Rick Santorum has taken a dogged but a decidedly low key approach to campaigning for the Iowa caucuses. And it appears to be working. In the latest polls Santorum is just behind front runner Romney and current flavor-of-the-month, Ron Paul. So who is Rick Santorum? What’s his background? How have his many controversies affected him? And does he have any chance against Romney, let alone in a national election?
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Upping the dose on pain meds

Drug companies are developing a newer, more potent version of the nation’s second most-abused medication. The new pills contain pure hydrocodone – a highly addictive painkiller – in, by some counts, a dose10 times stronger than that in existing drugs such as Vicodin.
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News of the year: what defines 2011?

What’s your pick for the top news story of 2011? Was it the protests that swept the Arab World? The Occupy Wall Street Movement? The race for the Republican presidential nomination?
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