AirTalk for January 5, 2012

President Obama Speaks On The Defense Strategic Review At The Pentagon

Obama presents a new plan to streamline the Pentagon

As a pair of long running wars in Iraq and Afghanistan wind down, the Pentagon is now facing a new kind of threat - a financial overhaul designed to retain our armed forces’ ability to maintain a strong national defense within the constraints of a leaner Federal budget.
Obama Nominates Richard Cordray To Head Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Yesterday, President Barack Obama bypassed the U.S. Senate’s formal approval process and appointed Richard Cordray as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Obama was able to do this as the Senate is in recess.
Pope Benedict XVI delivers his speech to

Is celibacy relevant in the Catholic church today?

Celibacy is a discipline, not a doctrine, and some think it's time it was abolished. Critics of the practice point to scandals of long-time sexual abuse by priests that have emerged in recent years, and suggest that enforced celibacy is a contributing factor.
New York City Tops Nation In Income Inequality

Panhandlers bring out your inner (fill in the blank)

For every creative cardboard sign drawn by a beggar there is a creative city ordinance to try to deal with beggars. This week, a Las Vegas county official introduced a new restriction to vex panhandlers. The ordinance would ban pets on the Strip in Vegas, because more beggars are using animals for sympathy donations. "Panhandlers aren't blind to the effect a sad-faced puppy or little kitten has on a passer-by," reported the Las Vegas Sun.
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