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AirTalk for January 9, 2012

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Anaheim city officials order destruction of emails

Anaheim officials are under fire for apparently ordering employees to destroy emails that might reflect badly on city leaders and developers. City employees were told by email that they’d face disciplinary action if unflattering messages weren’t purged.
Press Preview For Detroit International Auto Show

Detroit Auto Show – more than cars

The world's biggest auto show isn't just a chance to preview hot new wheels. Sure, we will get a first look at sexy and strange new concept cars – including an Acura that promises headlines and reinvigorated Honda Accord. Nevertheless, it's also a good time to take the temperature of the automobile industry, its impact on the economy and the economy's impact on car manufacturers.
Allstate BCS Championship - Preview
The New Orleans’ Superdome is the site of this year’s game to determine the national college football champion. This is the 15th year the NCAA has held the game and it’s had its fair share of controversies, most of them stemming from the way in which teams are chosen for the game.
Republican Candidates Participate In Final Debate Before NH Primary
The Republican field was dramatically altered by the impact of the Iowa caucus. Michelle Bachmann dropped out, Rick Perry decided to hang in despite his poor showing and Rick Santorum surged. But Mitt Romney remained the man to beat.

Diane Keaton on Annie and Dorothy Hall

We all know Diane Keaton as Michael Corleone's wife from "The Godfather," before serving as the real world basis for the fictional title character she played in Woody Allen's "Annie Hall," which garnered her an Academy Award for Best Actress. Since then, she went on to star in several more of Allen's films, as well as such hits as "Baby Boom," "The First Wives Club" and "Something's Gotta Give."

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