AirTalk for January 10, 2012

California Supreme Court

Another round in the redistricting fight

The California Supreme Court finished hearing arguments against the new state Senate districts Tuesday morning. The case is an attempt by Orange County GOP activist Julie Vandermost to roll back the work of the California Redistricting Commission, and according to KPCC's Julie Small, it may have succeeded.

Nicotine gum, patches may not help smokers quit

Trying to kick the cancer sticks? Well, looks like cold turkey might still be the best way to go. According to a new study by researchers at Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Massachusetts Boston, gums, patches and nasal sprays that dose smokers with nicotine, don’t appear to more effective at helping smokers quit long-term than going it alone.
Dodger Stadium Bleachers

Buy me some peanuts, crackerjack, the Dodgers…

Outgoing Dodgers owner Frank McCourt thinks the team can sell for at least $1.6 billion. Considering the long and impressionable list of potential buyers, he may be right. After a mediation deal fell through with Fox, which would allow McCourt a guaranteed sale price and Fox the long-term television rights, bidders have stepped up to the plate.

Strip club zoning ordinance

Members of the Calvary Chapel South Bay have collected 3000 signatures to stop the opening of The Bay Girls Gentleman's Club which is scheduled to open its doors next week in Harbor Gateway. Church members say they have moral issues with the club, and it is not welcome in their neighborhood.
Child film star Shirley Temple (1928- ) arrives at

How to deal with child sexual abuse in Hollywood

In late November, a talent manager who represents young children was arrested and charged with eight felony counts stemming from the alleged abuse of a young boy. A few weeks earlier a casting associate who worked on high-profile films was arrested for neglecting to update the authorities when he began to work under a different name. Fifteen years earlier, the man had been convicted of abducting and molesting an eight-year-old child.
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