AirTalk for January 17, 2012

GOP Presidential Candidates Debate In Myrtle Beach

South Carolina GOP debate

As the Republican field for president winnows down to five candidates, the debates are intensifying.
A journalist reads information on the on

Is the Stop Online Piracy Act really dead?

Yesterday came the news that House majority whip Eric Cantor had indefinitely shelved SOPA, a controversial anti-piracy bill.
Los Angeles Police Move In To Evict Occupy LA Encampment

Should SoCal lawns turf the grass?

Occupy L.A. has left the lawns of City Hall Park destroyed. A restoration plan call for both turf and planting areas, but is it the best solution?
18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Award Nominations

SAG and AFTRA merger talks

Two of the oldest performers' unions are getting close to announcing a merger vote.

Walking out during intermission

Have you ever left a theater performance, concert, play or opera at the intermission?

Whatever happened to SEALAB?

In Ben Hellwarth’s new book, “SEALAB" the author revisits the once highly vaunted excursion of Earth’s aquatic frontier.
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