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Governor Brown gives the State of the State, heads to the Southland

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California Governor Jerry Brown (c) waves to the crowd before delivering the State of the State address at the California State Capitol on January 31, 2011 in Sacramento, California. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Governor Jerry Brown delivers his State of the State speech in Sacramento this morning then heads to Southern California. We'll carry the Governor's speech, in which he's expected to try to drum up enthusiasm for his tax initiatives that will appear on the November ballot, saying they’re the only way to pull California out of the fiscal crisis we find ourselves in. He’ll most likely also touch on his proposal to make big changes to state employee pension funds as a way of saving money.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Brown’s agenda for this year has been clear for months. In addition to his tax proposals he’ll also push for approval of the controversial high-speed rail project and a new way of moving water through the Delta region of northern California. Analysts are expecting to hear a lot about the Governor’s education initiatives as well, including a call for less statewide testing and using tax money to fund schools.

Today’s speech comes as Brown’s agenda for last year remains unfinished. He was unable to get legislators to sign on to extending temporary tax increases as well as many other budget and tax proposals.


How will the Governor balance calling for cut backs and tax hikes simultaneously? Is his pitch to invest billions in infrastructure convincing? What state do you think California is in?


Julie Small, KPCC's State Capital Reporter

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